Connect To The Internet For Free From Wherever You Are!
Find Out How You Can Get Free WIFI Connection From Anywhere!

We recommend these wireless internet providers based upon overall customer satisfaction, network speed and reliability of connections, customer and technical service ratings.  Here are a few reasons why we have selected these providers:

AT&T — Choices
• Don’t want to make a WiFi commitment yet?  AT&T has “WiFi On the Spot” for $3.99 a connection at any available hotspot nationwide.
• WiFi Basic is included in any AT&T High Speed Internet or Uverse customer’s plan.  No time ordering required.  All Apple iPhone customers and Blackberry customers with certain plans  have WiFi Basic.  AT&T WiFi premier membership is available for a low monthly fee if you are an AT&T internet customer.  You have unlimited access to over 100,000 WiFi and roaming hotspots worldwide.
• Interested in true mobile broadband on your mobile device?  AT&T provides a free wireless card through their partner Wirefly, and a 24 month contract at $60 per month.
Verizon — Be Ready for 4G
• Free Wireless Card and two subscription rates — $50 (5 GB) and $80 (10 GB) per month
• Award-winning customer service
• Modem is easy to use — great download speeds on 4G network for emailing, web browsing and media streaming
Sprint — Features
• Create an instant hotspot which can support up to five WiFi enabled devices, including phones, cameras, and laptops
• Super easy installation — connections software pre-loaded; compact design
• 4G speed & reliability; unprecedented coverage
T Mobile — Affordable Connection
• Lower cost plan available
• Easy to install and operate
• Strong 3G signal connects to any WiFi network which includes free access to T Mobile hotspots nationwide

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